I’m Jan Dittrich and write here on UX Research, Education and Interdisciplinary Collaboration in my blog.

UX Research

I find out the needs, problems and activities of (potential) users and evaluate prototypes and products – from strategy and idea generation over minimal prototypes to the in-depth evaluation of a product. My methods include interviews, observation, co-design, think-aloud protocols, time-on-task and analytics


Topics I do research include the learning of new skills using instructions as well as interdisciplinary work in tech cultures. I use ethnographic and practice-focussed approaches, informed by Science and Technology Studies, Pragmatism, Ethnomethodology and situated cognition.


In enjoy teaching at university, in talks or in writing: Have a look at the Beginner’s Guide to User Needfinding, a libre textbook under an open license.


I write some code in Javascript (including vue.js), Python (including FastAPI) and R. These are small scripts, frontend-prototypes or small web applications. Creating code that one can collaborate on or just understand some time later is not easy, so I take interest in design patterns, clean code and best practices.